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The 112 Railyard condos are individually owned, from time to time a few Units are available for lease or sale. Units are available only for primary residential use only per our condo docs. Please review the rules for marketing a condo prior to submitting/editing/removing a condo listing. This web page is an effective way to market a Unit, as noted by a satisfied user: "I was stunned at how much traffic the Railyard site got - I had no idea so many people would find it!"

Railyard condos listed on the Austin Home Search MLS may be identified by searching the 78701 zip code. Many of the Units at the Railyard sell quickly and are sold FSBO or on Craig’s List. Units sold in this fashion are not included on MLS "comps" so using a Realtor knowledgeable on the downtown area is the best way to assess the correct value for a property. Owners have suggested these Realtors and Movers. The HOA wishes you luck in your property transaction.

For Sale

Posted by System Administrator on 03/12/15
Please check MLS and Craigslist. 

For Rent

Posted by System Administrator on 06/06/16
Please check MLS and Craigslist.