Railyard Living

The following sections such as "Remodeling," "Parking and Towing," etc., serve as the FAQs for the Railyard web site. The sections are organized primarily by the frequency that questions are asked related to a broad topic. For example, the most common concerns of Railyard residents deal with "How do I get permission and permits to remodel my Unit's walls, floor, plumbing, etc.?" A broad overview of the Railyard's remodeling policy is described in the "Remodeling" page, and numerous links are provided to pages with titles such as "Plumbing" and "Electricity, Wiring and Appliances." These linked pages provide more specific information that answers questions such as "How is the plumbing set up in my Unit?" or "Does anyone have the contact information for an electrician?" Should you find that the answer is not found on one of these pages, e-mail contact links are usually provided with pre-filled subject lines (e.g., "Question regarding Remodeling") so your query can be more quickly handled by the party most likely to know the answer.

The HOA hopes that the abundance of information provided on this web site will make your life here at the Railyard easier and more enjoyable.