Parking and Towing

An Owner is responsible for any vehicles the Owner or tenant allows into the property. An Owner of a Unit has the right to park in the Unit's parking space, and use the adjacent storage bin associated with the parking space. The numbered lockers above the parking spaces correspond with former parking space numbers, not unit numbers. Twelve Rivers provides additional vehicle gate openers.

An Owner can sell the right to use a parking space to another Railyard Owner, though most often parking spaces and storage bins are leased. To notify residents that you want to lease or rent a parking space,send an e-mail to the Railyard newgroup. All residents are free to seek additional parking options beyond the Unit's listed parking space.

Some residents have forgone a personal vehicle altogether, given the central location of the complex for pedestrian travel to downtown locations, the nearby placement of an Austin Car Share site for access to a rental vehicle, and the numerous Capital Metro and University of Texas bus routes that pass within a few blocks of the Railyard. Those that do often rent their parking space to other residents.

The HOA is responsible for the parking areas and the storage bins next to the parking spaces. The HOA's rules regarding parking and towing issues are described in the Railyard Condominiums Rules and Regulations, shown below:

"Parking and Towing:

  • Any resident can call a towing company to tow any vehicle in a No Parking area (eg, unauthorized parking in your space), though the resident should expect to provide legal identification to the towing company. The phone number of a towing company that has done work at the Railyard is (512) 252-9230.

  • Resident vehicles shall be parked only in that specific place designated for the resident. Any vehicle parked in a No Parking area, included but not limited to a space not assigned to that resident, any fire zones, or, any place inside the gates but outside of designated spaces, shall be subject to immediate towing without notice at the owner's expense.

  • There is no guest parking inside the gated parking area.

  • If you have an emergency and must park in the lane or someone else's spot, leave a note on your windshield with contact information (phone # or unit #) where you can be reached to move your vehicle by means other than towing. If you can not be immediately reached via the contact information, your vehicle is subject to towing.

  • Derelict vehicles (those without current license plates, current inspection stickers, current registration stickers, flat tires, etc.) are subject to towing, at the expense of the vehicle owner, after expiration of 72 hours notice which notice may be given by warning placed on or in the derelict vehicle.

  • For parking spaces in front of the dumpster areas (spaces 257, 258, 324 and 329), the maximum vehicle depth is 14 ft measured from the "sleeper" - the stop bar for the tires.

  • Repairs to vehicles shall not be made on the property.

  • No boats or trailers of any sort whatsoever, campers, motor homes, or other recreational or utility vehicles of these types shall be parked temporarily or otherwise on the property.

  • Storage boxes above a parking space is assigned to the parking space, not the Unit."