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Before painting the building, other issues such as damaged wood and doors are being repaired or replaced. Interior doors to be replaced are marked with an "R" will be replaced with a solid six panel wood door, unless you specify another type, described below. A few balcony glass core doors will be replaced, but glass core replacement doors will be used to maintain the architectural appearance of the complex.

Owners have recently voiced a desire to have their undamaged doors replaced with new doors. As the HOA is working very hard to quickly finalize the contract, we need to know NOW, no latter than Tuesday, October 16, 2007 if you want your door replaced along with the damaged ones. The costs to you (labor and materials) for exterior front doors would be $760 for a solid wood six panel door, $862 for six panel doors that have the top two panels replaced with glass, or $925 for a glass core door seen on balconies. You may also have your balcony glass core doors replaced. The cost for a single balcony door is $925, and $1385 for a double door. The HOA can spread the payment over 12 months by increasing on the HOA dues for the Units that have new doors installed, but we will also accept full payment up-front.

To order a new door, an Owner (not tenants!) must contact the board with your name, Unit #, and desired doors to:

The board apologies for sending out this notice with a short turn around time, but other aspects of the entire project demanded our attention to (hopefully) succeed in getting work started this year. Additionally, there will probably be another notice sent out very soon with a short fuse too, but we are awaiting some final details. Please keep an eye on the "News" section of the web site and notices from the newsgroup. Thank you.

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Building planned for site behind Building 2

An article in the statesman announces plans for "21c" to built on the current site of the Whitley Paper Company Warehouse (here). The HOA is in discussions with the developer. If you have questions or comments, please contact the board at

The Railyard has a new website!
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Thanks to Shyama Golden (graphic design and layout, CSS structure), Jonathan Hurt (drafting copy, formating text and creating page-link structure) and Randy Hammelman (web site administration) for making this happen.