New and Prospective Owner/Resident/Realtor Information

New residents please fill out the new resident form.

This overview is intended to help new and prospective Owners/residents understand the Railyard community. We encourage all Owners and residents to review this website before moving in, and especially require Realtors to be familiar with the Railyard while selling our condos.

The Railyard community has families and singles, young professionals and retirees.  As rentals and one of the few downtown living options in the 1980�s, the Railyard was known as a favored party location.  While many long-time Austinites remember this time, that reputation passed into history after the buildings transitioned to condominiums in 1998. Today our residents pride themselves on community involvement and on being a quiet oasis in a busy neighborhood. 

The Railyard has two buildings, building #2 located at 201 East 4th Street and building #3 located at 301 East 4th Street. There used to be buildings #4 and #5 when it was an apartment complex, but they were demolished to make way for the Austin Convention Center. Building #1 never existed. The land is fee simple, forced reuse of the land by the city should be very difficult.

Our property management company is Twelve Rivers Property Management. The board members and Twelve Rivers are all active in the operation of the Railyard. We are proud to maintain a clean and well maintained complex, and offer amenities such as Cable TV, water, trash, high speed wireless internet and porter services as part of the HOA fees. An owner should only have to pay for telephone, electricity and minor utility fees.

Additional keys for building access are available through Twelve Rivers Property Management. Parking space is limited within the complex to residents only, but additional nearby parking options are available. Unit remodeling, repairs and maintenance tips have been collected and posted for use by all residents.