Railyard Internet Access

  • Our pipe to the internet handles 6 mbits/sec

  • The Network is 802.11b and 802.11g compatible. 

  • Go to the wireless network named "railyard" and login to the internet. Email Doug Plas for the network password.

  • The Association may as a common expense make available wireless internet service to its residents. Group password and login information for any such service will be available from the managing agent. 

    Any such service provided may be discontinued at any time, though the association will make reasonable effort to give all owners at least 30 days notice of wireless service cancellation. Any such service may from time to time be "down" or non-operational. Please report any problem with service to the managing agent of the association or other designated association representative. The association will use reasonable efforts to rectify any malfunctions in the system. This system may not be monitored or supported at all times. 

    Owners who are especially sensitive to "down" time for such a system, for example owners relying for work purposes on wireless internet access, are strongly encouraged to contract directly with an internet service provider. Please be mindful if contracting directly with a provider that any installations in the common area, including wiring or any penetrations in common area walls, must be pre-approved by the association.