Call 911 for Fire, Police, and Medical Emergencies:

  • If you don't have a phone handy, you can dial 911 on the pedestrian gates keypad to contact the emergency services, while and 311 contacts the information service for non-emergencies. Talk directly into the keypad.

  • You can remind them that if the responders don't have the code to enter the building handy, they can dial 911 on the pedestrian gate keypads to contact emergency services, which can then open the gates for emergency service personnel.

Fire Alarm Activation:

  • Find a fire alarm pull station located near a stairway or the doors in the north-east and north-west corners of the parking garage.

  • Open the cover. A small alarm should activate when the cover is opened.

  • Pull the handle underneath down to turn on the building wide alarm. It should be very loud.

  • Exit the building.

After emergency services has been contacted, the HOA should be informed about fires on the property, would want to be informed about criminal activity if the police verify that providing the information will not interfere with a criminal investigation, and would not need to know about medical emergencies if it was a private medical matter.


A fire extinguisher is usually under a Unit's kitchen sink, and is also located in the bicycle storage room or laundry room. Tips about fire safety and security and police contacts for non-emergencies are also available.

Water emergencies (a visible water leak causing property damage), noise violations and vehicle towing are generally not handled through the 911 system.