Keys and Gate Access

An Owner responsible for the Unit's door key, and should contact a locksmith regarding changing or replacing locks or the door key for any reason (e.g., lost or stolen keys). An Owner obtains from the previous Owner:

  • pedestrian gate/door key fobs,

  • vehicle gate remote(s) ("gate clicker," "gate opener"),

  • hard metal key(s) for the laundry/bicycle storage rooms,

  • hard metal key(s) for the Units master beaker box,

  • hard metal key(s) for the Unit's mail box,

  • hard metal key(s) for any lock on a parking space's storage locker, and

  • hard metal key(s) for the Unit's door.

Tenants must get these items from an Owner. Key fobs allow entry into the pedestrian gates and doors by pressing them against the adjacent rectangular sensor. Pressing the crash bars on the inside of the gates allow pedestrians to exit the building. Vehicle gate remotes can open vehicle gates at a distance from within or outside the building.

The Railyard is in the process of updating the fob system and gate keypad codes. If you have any questions, contact Twelve Rivers Property Management. Additional information regarding security issues is available.

The HOA is responsible for the repair and function of all key fobs, gate remotes, hard metal keys to the building or common areas, and gates and doors that allow access to the building or parts of the common areas. Contact Twelve Rivers Property Management if a key fob, gate remote, or hard metal key to a common area malfunctions, is lost, or is stolen; or if there is a problem with phone access of the gates via the keypads. Login to the Twelve Rivers owner's website and click on "Contact Us" to submit your issue.


The HOA sells additional key fobs and gate remotes to Owners via Twelve Rivers.

Locksmiths suggested by Owners:

Texas Re-Key: (512) 929-5397

White Knight Locksmith: (512) 326-3218